Step 1 solicitation response & assessment

J4TG will submit the requested proposal under an RFA, RFI, RFQ, RFP or other synopsis outline and complete an assessment of the Clients requirements and needs. Our proposal will meet or exceed the information requirements under the Clients synopsis and outline in considerable detail the Project Management flow we propose.

Step 2 team building, duty allocation & resource id

J4TG will assign Team Members and provide them with a detailed set of duty instructions along with a Project Schedule we also provide out Clients. At the same time J4TG will identify all points of resource and begin implementation of the Project Management flow as indicated in Step 1 above.

Step 3 implementation, audit & continuation

J4TG will implement the Project Management flow and monitor progress through our custom audit protocols making any additions, changes and/or revisions throughout the continuation of the project. J4TG will work with our Clients to ensure the Project Management flow meets or exceeds their requirements.


The 3 steps outlined above are “generalized” because every IT Project is uniquely different to the individual needs of each Client. Our proposal(s) are custom written and designed for each medium to large scale project and are designed with a built-in flexibility for natural evolution. J4TG avoids setting most things into stone because we believe that there needs to be a flexibility to the Project Management flow so that additions, changes and/or revisions can be made and implemented easily. Please Contact Us or feel free to Request a Quote to learn more about what J4TG can offer you.